haven’t been on tumblr for almost a month.  but really, that’s because (no offense) better things have been occupying my time lately.

i was in that awesome honeymoon stage with the guy who lives up in norcal and we are now official.

things in general are good and not much to complain about.  the new job is kind of a boring, disappointing, pain in the ass… but I’ve found that I can be late everyday and nobody gives a fuck so i guess i should be glad for that much.

still, searching for bigger and better and trying to find my path in life.  but i’m in a good place and grateful for it.


i am genuinely happy.

no fake smiles. no bullshit conversation about how i’m fine. no hiding and retreating.

i am finally just feeling good. 


i don’t understand how brickandmortar are not more known. no wonder they’re playing in san bernardino instead of somewhere in LA. i’m determined to go see them anyway and, hopefully, meet them. BEEN loving there sound.

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just when you think it can’t get any better suddenly it does

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"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different."

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Heart strings (tendons) inside the human heart.

In biology we dissected a heart and our teacher told us that the heart strings can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma causing the heart to lose form an as a result be unable to pump blood effectively, you can literally die from a broken heart

holy shit.

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Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran

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  • Question: Enjoy it in the moment. But eventually ask what plans he has for any future romance including yourself - mrdodo-b
  • Answer:

    thank you!  :)  i appreciate your advice and that you care.  if things go along and get to that point where it’s appropriate, i will definitely do so.

    so far, it’s new-ish and things have actually been going well.  and i’ve been happy.


Dear White Boyfriend | Marina Rose Martinez

I can relate to Marina’s commentary and tweets. 
But, to be honest… some of my past NON-White boyfriends have been the totally ignorant/racist a-holes.

White guy - I like dark-skinned girls. And I prefer to be called a “swirler.” “Interracial dater” has too many syllables. 
(First of all, this is a little TMI for me. Second, I don’t know if you thought this would be a turn-on but quite the opposite. This just creeped me out and made me feel un-special.)

Asian ex - I just prefer White girls. (Thanks for the info, douchebag. That was really nice to hear after you told me you loved me, then asked to go on a break so you could pursue some White girl on the DL.)

Black ex - I want to experience dating as many women as possible from all around the world. (Aww, how sweet. Nice to know my future with you is as a check mark on your multicultural bucket list of ethnic pussy.)